A Compliment for a Complement

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Valentine’s Day is a day for romantic love, a day to give love and a day to receive love.  If you have a significant partner in your life, or perhaps are seeking to attract one, one of the sure ways to secure that romantic relationship is to demonstrate how loving you are. While flowers, chocolates or a surprise gift are the traditional ways to please a potential or established mate, the way in which you give the gift often supersedes the gift itself. When you are coming from a place of true love, your genuine expression of that love, whether written, spoken, sung or otherwise accompanied by your own unique talents, will surely say how much you value having that person in your life, how much you appreciate him or her and how much you love him or her.  It is often said that ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’ and thus Valentine’s Day represents a wonderful opportunity to apologize, to make amends and to set the record straight as far as your feelings and intentions are concerned. Through knowing a significant other sufficiently to go the ‘extra mile’, you may find a way to surprise or please in an unexpected way that demonstrates your preparation and forethought and true feelings. This goes a long way in showing how much you care and continue to love that person.

When you are at the receiving end of your beloved’s thoughts and actions, showing your pleasure and gratitude are, of course, de rigueur. Individual expressions through an exchange of mutual caring, may ultimately result in the consummation of bliss. It is always important to find ways to compliment your partner, not in a superficial way, but in a way that expresses that you understand how much they love you and have made an effort to please you and then you in turn reciprocate. That is the loving and kind thing to do. “Lovingkindness”, as written here, used to be a single word. Even though the word split into two parts “loving” and “kind”, they mean essentially the same thing. Friends can become more than friends when they are loving and kind to each other and perhaps give a personal compliment to the other. A person who acts harmoniously with you, may become your complement, the complementary partner who brings the love, balance, comfort and happiness you seek. Be sure your compliments come from your heart on the inside of you to the outside of you towards that person to whom you are attracted. Empty or fake expressions of love will attract more of the same back to you. Being genuine, loving and kind opens the door for you to find more of the truth of who you are. May you open your heart and find your complementary reflection of self through your Valentine this year.