A Diamond in the Sky

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Two heavenly bodies collide in space
A new light fills the sky,
A monument is struck in time
And named for you on high.

A child is born, a spirit finds life,
A trail is blazed anew,
Across the abyss of space and time
A star is born, it’s you.

A celestial, twinkling point of light
Held in place by gravitation,
Its daily path illumined by
The twelve-sign constellation.

Whether fixed or in the universe turning,
The path, color and aura of each is unique,
Such is your earthly destiny,
Therein lies your mystique.

When you cast your eyes upon the stars
Delve deep into your mind’s eye
And remember, you’ve been designated
A diamond in the sky.

Copyright © 2003.