A Life Well Spent

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Greetings Beloveds,

A lifetime spent on planet Earth is a gift. As spiritual beings having an earthly experience, you are presented with all manner of perspectives in order to hone yourselves, your relationships, your skills and to enjoy your lives. So powerful are your life experiences that it is easy to forget from whence you came and the purpose of your journey. Simply put, it is to learn to be Love and to do everything to the best of your ability on your way back to Source. You will return infused with memories and lessons learned that will form the foundation for the next part of your journey within the Universe.

You will be met and greeted and counseled according to your hearts and achievements. Knowing you as we do, we wish to encourage you and suggest to you that you follow the leanings of your heart and strive to be all that you can be. Come home with no regrets for things overlooked, forgotten or put aside. As we walk alongside you, your goals become our goals and we are ready in less than the blink of an eye to assist your journey whichever way the road turns.

Therefore we say to you “be proactive in your spiritual development”. It will reap great rewards when your life leads you to a place of love, peace and harmony, sovereignty and empowerment. Your expansion of consciousness and well-being are greatly served as you steer a course of personal healing in spirit, mind and body. If in a quandary, we, the Ascended Masters, are ready to assist your focus and next steps. We have passed through our own travails on our journeys through the Universe. We understand the wars you wage within. Yet we say to you that we are at hand with so much love and support for you. What you are seeking is seeking you. A life well spent is of service to others, the planet and yourselves, a life without regret and full of joy.

I AM with you Always,
Master Merlin