A Tribute to Bella

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

My Beloved Companion

portrait by Georgia Marantos


On August 9, 2008 my loving, loyal and extraordinary companion and soul mate Bella returned home after her 14th birthday. This was her day of completion after the 8-8-8 Stargate.

My eternal bond with her remains, although her beautiful physical presence has gone. Her energy lives on, and so does her legacy. Bella’s service to me and the animals on the planet was exemplary for she, like many other dogs, has assisted the transformation of outmoded warring male energies on the planet, often manifesting in the form of cancer.

In June of 2007, Derek O’Neill told me that she too had received her own Rising Star Initiation and her gentle footsteps carried those energies everywhere she went. Sometimes she would “tell off” other dogs who were aggressive, but her “light” shone so brightly and she brought so much joy and playfulness to all who knew her. I witnessed her ability to love and heal others often; indeed, strangers would approach us in Central Park and ask me if they could have their picture taken with Bella and she loved to be with people and children. Upon her return home she was greeted with so much love and appreciation for her service and she was granted a special dispensation to return to her angelic status of a very high order. She is now by Merlin’s side working with animal energies and her next mission has begun. She is now communicating with me and continues to assist me in my journey. Archangel Michael conveyed that he will be working with her as well.

Words cannot express how blessed I have been to have experienced the gift of her unconditional love, generosity of spirit, infinite patience, trust and support. She never whined or complained. She epitomized love and I am awed and so grateful for her life with me. What a day it will be when mankind can accept the Divine presence of all animals and life-forms on Earth. Bella is at work to make that ultimate goal a reality here. When that is achieved, we will know that the Earth is a planet of Unconditional and Universal Love for all.

October, 2008: Derek O’Neill told me that Bella is now with our Beloved Lady Linda Nada Siddhi.

June, 2009: St. Francis of Assisi, channeled through Anthony Citro, said that Bella’s heart energy has expanded tremendously. She is working also with Lady Kwan Yin and helping other animals when they cross over. She continues to assist me with animal awareness.

July, 2009: Master Merlin advises that Bella assists many animals when they cross over.

February, 2010: Bella’s heart energy is very expanded and she is doing well.  She continues to help animals when they cross over, and many are leaving the planet at this time.  She fulfilled her spiritual mandate in her lifetime as Bella, to work through her own karma and to help others by taking on, like  so many other dogs, negative energies.  She continues to hold Divine Feminine energies as we witnessed in her lifetime by her very ladylike qualities.  Because she was given a stable, loving environment, she was able to do what she came to do.  In time she will incarnate again, but not in my present lifetime.  I am sure you will agree that her portrait, painted by the very talented Georgia Marantos, has captured her loving, feminine essence.  Georgia was very aware of Bella’s presence and that of other Masters while she was painting — in layers.  There was an “orange” Sai Baba influence that is quite visible.