Alison L. JamesPoetry

I slowly encircle the flowering lime tree,
Its laden branches enveloping me,
Warm evening breezes blow through my hair,
I breathe in Mother Nature’s perfumed air.
She fills me, gives me life anew
The lime tree swaying is breathing too
Giving life, reaching high,
With fortitude and grace
Where we stand is a holy place.
We persevere to withstand the fray
Despite contrary winds, come what may.
Gnarled limbs bespeak its course,
The tree and I enter silent discourse.
From small beginnings in the dark and deep
Mighty trees emerge from sleep,
Clouds of blossoms appear each year,
Abundance does not operate in fear.
Nature produces her yearly show,
She creates, births and sheds with seasonal flow.
I stop, and reverence the tree with awe,
I am one with Nature as never before.