Achilles and Chiron: Healing Old Wounds

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Post the 11:11:11 stargate opening and acceleration point, has an old issue or ingrained patterning resurfaced causing you discomfort of some kind?  Is something tripping you up and preventing your forward motion? What we refer to as an “Achilles’ heel” may be that sore spot that is painful to visit, whether for the first time or for a repeat visit.  The concept of an Achilles’ heel came down to us from the myth of the Greek warrior hero named Achilles.  He was revered and emulated by Alexander the Great for his prowess on the battlefield, which was as legendary as his temper. Born of the mortal King Peleus of Thessaly and the immortal and beautiful sea nymph Thetis, Achilles was tutored by the wise and gentle centaur Chiron who was an astronomer, a philosopher and who also taught medicine to Asclepius.

According to the myth, Thetis, in an effort to make her son Achilles immortal, dipped him in the Styx, the river of Hades, holding him by the heel, the spot that made him vulnerable.  As he grew up, she tried to shield him from exposure to war on the battlefield and, on one particular occasion had him disguised as a young woman in the palace.  But a cunning trick orchestrated by Odysseus revealed the truth.  Weapons were presented among jewels to the young women of the palace and Achilles picked up the weapons and revealed his identity and true disposition.  The truth set him free to fulfill his destiny.

Ultimately, it was Achilles’ heel that proved to be his place of vulnerability and that brought about his death.  His heel was pierced by a poisoned arrow shot by Paris, one of the fifty sons of King Priam of Troy. Ironically, Paris, was the so-called cowardly antithesis of Achilles, and the cause of the ten-year Trojan War.  Paris wooed and won the beautiful Helen from her husband Menelaus, the King of Spartacus, triggering .

This story of Achilles’ heel has significance for us during this time of transition to Self Mastery. What you try to avoid, or fear, or perhaps put off for another day, may become your undoing.  We cannot avoid dealing with our truth indefinitely, no matter how painful.  According to the Divine Plan (and the writer’s experience) when you are ready, whatever issue is being triggered is a sure sign that you are ready to deal with it. Better to deal with it today when its surfacing has been enabled rather than pay with compounded interest later.

For you too perhaps, an old wound may have surfaced or caught your attention. It may require a little more digging to understand its root cause. It may be helpful to note when Chiron, the wounded healer, is aspected in your astrological birth chart. Chiron’s placement may give you a deeper understanding of what needs to be addressed during your lifetime. A returning issue offers you that opportunity to master it once and for all and to turn your weakness into your strength, as per Chiron’s own life example.  Stepping off the wheel of karma requires courage, determination and persistence.  Is it not a better choice to cease circling the issue and to spiral up, out and over and to open up to a higher vibration of light and awareness? In short, to master oneself?

Aside from Chiron’s astrological influence, he is known as the Divine Centaur, his head and upper torso representing the Divine Mind ruling over his lower desire nature or animal instinct that is depicted by the body and legs of a horse. Chiron’s presence illuminates the weakness that awaits our mastery.  Like Achilles, we cannot avoid our lower energies, nor our inner wisdom. Our guidance will lead the way to healing and higher consciousness.  Thus, If you find you have been pierced by an arrow of late, it is good to remember it is “the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance” (Prophet Elisha, II Kings 13:17).

Image -“The Education of Achilles”, painting By Pompeo Batoni c. 1770.