Activate Ascension Alchemy

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Master St. Germain in his channelings recorded in Saint Germain on Alchemy by Elizabeth Clare Prophet refers to “alchemy” as the “all chemistry of God”. From a human standpoint, this might be erroneously interpreted to mean solely the alchemical changes of matter, but from a metaphysical and cosmic viewpoint alchemical change takes place in the spiritual, physical and the all permeating presence of God in all things (omnipresence), with all power (omnipotence) and through all knowledge (omniscience). In other words, God is “all science” governing the laws of the Universe. We know that the only constant is change and thus we too change from moment to moment on a cellular level.  Alchemy leads you back to discover your divinity, the God within, it is a sacred science.

The idea that the pursuit of knowledge of how to turn base metal into gold was won with personal dedication and sacrifice under threat of persecution seems far removed from our 21st century experience. Today you may freely engage in the pursuit of your own inner reality (human) and Inner Reality (divine). The knowledge that the alchemists revealed unlocked secrets of both a scientific and philosophic nature. Now we comprehend that all knowledge comes from the consciousness of God, or Divine Mind. Now, at this time of the Ascension, it is to the blending of this twofold application we are once more returning. The journey to marry two streams of knowledge, “religion” (or philosophy) and science continues and still the consciousness of their emanating from the same source has yet to be fully accepted.

I recall school chemistry lessons, where study included how a furnace would burn and build heat and this in turn would cause several chemical reactions, vaporization off the top, sludge to be skimmed off at the top and dross to be drained at the bottom. The heat generated would release the impurities leaving a refined substance in between.

As St. Germain explains, it is the fire of our hearts that will raze the impurities from our soul. I believe we can equate the dross and sludge of material alchemy with human ignorance and the base energies of human nature. The flame of our hearts and the Love and Light within us can dispel such negativities and darkness within humanity. There are daily reports of negative happenings around the world from moment to moment.  It is part of the Divine Plan. It is our job on the path to Ascension not to be distracted by the ill reports, but rather to let our light shine in a personal and collective way so that we can usher in the new Golden Age (or The New Camelot).

What earthly matter has fallen into your divine hands? Is it slipping through the cracks of your own procrastination. Be amenable to change. Complacency is an energy that has wrought havoc with man’s spiritual evolution over the ages. It is time to activate your own alchemical furnace of purification.  Do you need some help to stoke the fire? Call upon the Violet Flame of Transformation and Transmutation.

“I am a being of Violet Fire,
I am the purity God desires.”
(Repeat in groups of 3 repetitions.)

See the Violet Flame surrounding you, from the Earth Star below your feet to above your Soul Star chakra, above your crown. Bathe in the violet light within and without. There is no limit to how many times you may do this every day. From a serene place of Inner Love and peace, you will realize your own I AM Presence resting within your heart. 

St. Germain says:

“Dear Lightworkers, 

Be encouraged at this time to step deeply into the recesses of your hearts to root out what has laid ignored and labeled of lesser value.  As you identify your old patterns and energies that no longer serve you, call upon the Violet Flame.  This dispensation is a gift to you. Do not doubt its efficacity. Indeed you will find yourselves propelled rapidly towards that inner dwelling of the I Am Presence, of the Christ within you.  Your future lies in your own hands of creativity.  Do not wait for that rainy day.  Step up now to greet your future with joy in full knowledge that your presence upon the Earth underlies an event of cosmic proportion. 

I am your humble servant,

St. Germain”