Alison L. JamesPoetry

I am rich, I am strong,
I am His servant all day long.
I am a leader, I am in charge,
I am His disciple at large.
I am the Word, I am power,
I am strength in this hour.
I am the prophet to my temple
To alter my course, to set an example.
I am confident, I am keen,
I am a marvelous thinking machine.
I am gifted, I am smart,
I am my own center of talent and art.
I am knowledge, I am skill,
I am the ability to ascend every hill.
I am business, I am success,
I am without loneliness.
I am healed, I am hope,
I am faith, I can cope.
I am love, I am heaven on earth
I am joy, gladness and endless mirth.
I am on God’s journey for my life,
I am his blessing and know no strife.
I am prosperous, I am at ease,
My servant money supplies all my needs.
I am generous, I am kind,
I am inspiration to my subconscious mind.
I am honest, I am just,
I am the answer to life’s bitter crust.
I am peace, I am rejuvenation,
I am proof of His motivation.
I am gold, I am diamonds, I am living treasure,
I am fathomless bottom, I am beyond measure.
I am destiny, I am my dreams,
I am the future, an infinitesimal light beam.
I am water,  I am earth,
I am air, I am the fire of my spirit,
I am that I am.