Alison Christmas Message 2013

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Om Sai Ram, Everyone,

With a full moon overhead and the Winter Solstice upon us, we find ourselves shifting once more into the Christmas Season after a pronounced year of change and upheaval in 2013. Certainly it was that way for me! But every day is a new beginning and a fresh opportunity. Despite snow and cold weather, purple sunsets abound and, in case you forgot, the sun is always shining, even if you cannot see it at a given point in time.

With my namesake comet “Ison” blazing a trail across the heavens and around the sun, I believe this portend has proven itself to be our present-day guiding light of wonder. From the Great Central Sun, to the Central Sun of the Galaxy and to our Solar Sun, a powerful triangulaton of love and light is perpetually filling our hearts and expanding our Self Awareness at this time of change. Even the solar flares are triggering us to wake up to the truth of who we are, individually and collectively. With such beautiful bombardments, change is inevitable, like it or not. If we can but open up to this light of expansion and illumination, infused by the Brotherhood of Light, we can receive and be jettisoned into a greater sense of Self and embrace our destiny.

We are slowly but surely becoming homo luminous, radiant beings of light and love. If we choose not to be so, it will be a painful journey for us. Upon us rests the knowledge and wisdom (applied knowledge) to each play our part, to be love and light, in our shared journey.

The deepening of our Self awareness is leading us to listen closely to our bodies, our hearts and minds and our spiritual leanings. Surrendering to one’s higher guidance is a practice of devotion.  Holding love for oneself and finding quiet time in the midst of holiday activities provides inner peace and some important down-time in order to be one with one’s own inner presence.

May Christ Consciousness be your portion,
May Love fill your Heart, and
May the Wonder of the Season bless You and Your Loved Ones,
Blessings, Love and Light,