All for One, One for All

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well and happy. Merlin, The Knights of the Roundtable of Camelot under the leadership of King Arthur, and all those who gathered in their company, knew well the saying above, “All for One, One for All”. It was no idle slogan then nor is it now.  This saying may be thought of as something echoing from the past, yet some 1600 year later, we have yet to make it a reality “for all”. What a reality check this is for us today. In so many ways we have evolved and become wiser, yet this fundamental tenet is not a common thread of our reality and way of life.

The truth is that this very concept comes from the highest level of consciousness known to us, Christ Consciousness. We could express it another way: “All for The One, The One for All” or  “All for God, God for All”. While so simply put, this concept has proven complex and challenging to achieve for us mortals. For clarity, It is not that we are being asked to agree on everything, but rather to love, honor and respect each other when we don’t agree. What affects one of us, affects us all. To think of each other inclusively, not exclusively is key. To live and let live without judgment. To be at peace with ourselves, each other and All Things. Differences can be appreciated, rather than allowed to cause rifts and escalate to war and strife. It is time for us to come of age and learn from the past. To find ways to mend the wrongs of the past that have divided nations, cultures and people and build the New Golden Age, a/k/a The New Camelot.

As Presidents Biden and Putin wrestle with their agendas and the past, they know that in order to create a new foundation for relationship between the USA and Russia, fear and hatred must be replaced with acceptance sans interference in each other’s inner workings. Honesty and giving some space allows trust to develop. We surely are all so alike.  In our shared humanness we are all at the same time miraculously and individually wired in personality traits, predispositions and learning, yet our uniqueness adds to the weave of humanity. Despite negative thinking to the contrary, peace, love and harmony still rank at the top of the totem pole of our aspirations. Hence the Camelot of old needs must now become The New Camelot of our tomorrow.

The idea of a utopian society existing today might seem like a pipedream, something so far removed from reality on Earth. Yet slowly but surely common threads, shared ideas and the will to live a happy, harmonious, peaceful  life still drive us forward. Unwittingly, our perspectives change as we evolve. History books are being revised as our consciousness outgrows the old paradigms. Equality across nations, cultures, race, social and financial strata is the answer, All For One, One For All. We can all do this. It is time.

As Merlin once explained to me, no-one is better than another. Think of life as if you are in school. There are those who are ahead of you in years and knowledge. This does not mean they are more important or better than you. Simply, they have been working at things longer than you. So do not feel inferior, inconsequential, angry or envious. Others may be showing you the way to go.

Merlin and I are available to help you shift . Feel free to reach out to me.

Love and Blessings to You,
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka