All Is One, One Is All

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Isn’t it a wonder that you find yourselves at the brink of another Christmastide, a time of celebration, as you complete the first year of a new cycle of being. It has not been an easy journey yet you are stronger, wiser and more focused on what works for you and what does not, indeed you are a universal cause for celebration.

While the ups and downs of nations have dominated the news, never before has it been so that the world is awakening on a global scale to the necessity for change for the better. Complacency and denial of what does not serve can no longer hold water for One or All.

We in the higher realms applaud your progress and we encourage you to hold fast to your dreams and ideals. A mighty throng of hearts around the world is is fighting the good fight for a better world for All and a healthy planet. What you do for One, you do for All. There is no limit to how your kind deeds, words and thoughts affect mass consciousness of humanity at this time. There is great power in your consciousness and your loving presence.

Nothing delights us more than to watch you create change for the better. We see your hearts and we feel your cries. We work alongside you to instill in the earth plane increasing levels of love and light. This is how you create a cohesive energy of Oneness that resonates with the greater universe.

So as you gather for your festivities, know that we are with you, love you and support your transformation in all aspects of your lives:

All Is One, One Is All,
Blessed Be this Season
Master Merlin

December, 2013.