Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

 A Baby Star is born.
Beyond any categorization or labeling of nationality, race, language, gender, sexual preference, age, geographical location or political persuasion with which you may identify yourself, we all share the common bond of origination from Source, a/k/a All That Is. Our birth, like that of a star, unifies us with humanity on Earth as well as with the heavens. The same Love, Light and Creative Force of the Universe indwells you and me. We each hold equal importance within the Divine Plan despite varying individual expressions, degrees of experience and the number of lives spent upon planet Earth. Does a shade of skin color or different ethnicity change the Universal Laws affecting our existence? Indeed not. We are All One by Divine Design. Who are we then, to cast aspersions or judgment of any kind upon another? Division and Separation are man-made, not God-made. Let’s not choose to put our selves in one limiting category or another, but rather see the fullness of creation in everyone everywhere. I AM you and YOU ARE me.
NOW is the time for us to move into the greater awareness of “We Consciousness” and ultimately into “Christ Consciousness” on the path of Ascension within the Universe. All humanity is on the same trajectory of evolution, but our individual rate of expansion and growth is relative to the amount of effort with which we pursue the Higher Ways of Truth, Love and Illumination including the resolution of negative karma. Around the globe, humanity is learning that “inclusivity” is critical for the wellbeing of All. Elitism or “exclusivity”, that is seemingly second nature to so many, holds back the growth and expansion of those marginalized by race and economics. As we now find ourselves wrestling with the implementation of schooling for our children during this pandemic, it is up to the grown adult to choose the principles of the Universe for the self. Please visit Reach for the Stars for further of my insights on this topic.

Having moved to America many years ago, I soon found myself discovering what racism was about. Growing up in England I was blessed to have benefitted from a great education, but I had had no exposure there in my early years. I struck out to experience the world (without any imperialistic agenda!). I eventually landed in a Prophetic Ministry in NYC where messages of Liberation and Abundance were being directed at a black community. I learned about the stripping of identity through slavery and experienced a reversal of sorts. I was oftentimes the only “white” face in a sea of black faces where a black finger might heavily prod my shoulder during ministry teachings. I learned so much there. The wind of the Holy Spirit literally blew through my hair and I became a ship of “presentment”, heading out to sea on my own path. I mention all this to say that in order for us to truly accept our differences, it requires an open heart filled with Divine Love. Love and Forgiveness are the foundation stones on which to create a better world for the benefit of ALL. When our identity is aligned with the I AM Presence of Source, we can let go of the past, judgments and negative conditioning. If we are to arrive at fifth-dimensional Unconditional Love on a global scale (and I believe we are), no-one and nothing is to be swept under the carpet. I feel encouraged that humanity is awakening to and fighting for greater possibilities, especially at this time in America. My book, Merlin and The New Camelot speaks to this part of my mission with Ascended Master Merlin.