Ancient Crystals of Now

Alison JamesArticles, Mystic Crystal Revelations

We are uncovering around the world “new” or “New Age” crystals at this time of Ascension of Mother Earth.  While we may look and declare “This is something new!” ancient wisdom has taught us “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  Over millennia, even millions of years, certain combinations of elements have been forged together to form brilliant, colorful and unique crystals that are coming to the fore NOW.  It is truly a wonder that not only has Mother Nature forged their creation and they have been unearthed, but their vibration is for our use in today’s world. These discoveries enlighten us to the timing of the Divine Plan and the part we play within it.

Ancient crystals help us to grasp the concept that time is an illusion.  In linear fashion, we may conclude that “x” number of years were necessary for crystal creation, however their intrinsic properties and qualities were already in place before they were forged.  As above, so below. The consciousness that each crystal offers us is already infused into its matter.  We just have to   follow our instinct to discern the greater abundance and good they offer us. This a miracle of Divine Timing and, of course, this principle applies universally throughout our lives: we get what we need (not necessarily what we want), when we need it and when we are ready for it, not before. Opportunity and readiness must intersect.

Such a synchronicity happened recently for me. I have been digging further into the balancing of masculine and feminine energies, a focus of interest which I have been sharing in workshops of late. I was seeking a crystalline vibration that could assist this process, knowing that many other combinations of crystals could do the job.  However I sensed there was something more specifically oriented to handle the task.  As I was calling its presence forth, I discovered that a particular crystal had been discovered in 2006. Nirvana Quartz, as it has been named, has been found in the Himalayas as the glaciers melt.

Global warming has, no doubt, had an impact on the retreat of the glaciers in mountainous regions around the world and we are concerned about the acceleration of their melting, their impact on rising sea levels and the reduction of fresh water supplies. We have to own up to our culpability in this regard and learn how to ameliorate our methods of sustaining life utilizing what Mother Earth provides. Yet amid such awareness, is it not remarkable that there is a silver lining shining forth from the melting of the glaciers in the Himalayas: namely Nirvana Quartz (among other crystals)? While the discovery of an individual crystal may seem small or insignificant from a human perspective against such a vast earthly change, I can draw but one conclusion: out of drastic change something good may come. The vibration of Mother Earth holds within her being all that is required for her and our Ascension process.

Thus as I sit holding my Nirvana Quartz, “pink” for the heart and “white” for the mind, I am reminded of our need during this time of transition to recognize and activate the masculine and feminine powers of initiation and manifestation respectively within ourselves. To make loving, rational choices for the benefit of all; this is the message of Nirvana Quartz.  The universe itself has already exhibited these principles through the formation of Nirvana Quartz created aeons ago. We may know that even greater discoveries await our awakening to their presence and essence.  It is a matter of when our consciousness intersects with Divine Consciousness.  We are drawing closer, catching up to what is already there and in place for us.  The past and future intersect for us in the NOW through Nirvana Quartz, breaking the illusion of time.

October 17, 2011