Angel Aura Quartz

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations


Magnificent and spellbinding Angel Aura Quartz captures our imagination with its multi-colored, reflective rays of light. The hexagonal formations of quartz culminating in a single point demonstrate the power of the Many in One and the One in Many. This crystal connects us to our spiritual guides and angels and to the power of the Universe: Love. Angel Aura Quartz is undeniably an exquisite gift of the Universe that helps us transcend all fear and doubt and to go where we have not traveled before. It is a manifested form of rainbow illumination that holds within itself the hope and faith that leads us forward, Holding a piece of this magical crystal in your hand ushers in a sense of Peace, Love, Heightened Intellect and Discernment and a Serenity that surpasses human understanding.