Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Aquamarine is a magnificent stone of blue and green and turquoise. It reflects the sky and the ocean. Both have a depth which is aquamarine’s greatest quality. Many may sit in deep contemplation with the peaceful hues of this stone. It is a stone of tranquility and like the ocean or the sky it can envelop you with a sense of joining the Universe. It is used on Earth and within the Universe as a symbol of Universal Love and Peace. Its energies flow with ease. It is a great soother and healer and yet its depths and heights speak to a foundation of Unity and Oneness with Source, with All There Is. There is a gentleness with this stone that allows the wearer, or holder, with little effort to let go of the past, of what no longer serves, of what is causing discomfort or emotional pain.


As its name implies, its affiliation with water and particularly the oceans, explains its long-time connection to marine life, to the mammals and other creatures of the sea. Deep temples of aquamarine energies have long been vortexes and focal points for life beyond the oceans, beyond the planet. The Aquamarine’s attraction and its mystery lie in its quietness. And yet beyond that quietness there is a profoundness that is the energy of Love and of Source. It is to be found in the great Halls of the Tetons and etheric crystalline temples, and in many places around the globe where it is mined. It is formed in a hexagonal form and its crystals have a futuristic appearance.

Aquamarine may connect you to the future as well as to the past and yet its powerful presence brings you to your connection with Infinity in the NOW. It is connected to the Divine Feminine and to the Rays of Aquamarine which speak to long-held energies of the mermaids and the mermen, and of creatures and beings who live in and relate to such tranquil zones of energy. Sit quietly with this stone. You may hear the lapping of the waves, feel the infinite wonder of blue skies and know that it is a gift from the Universe to help us heal and be still in times of upheaval and change. It also brings great joy as it encourages unification of the heart and the throat chakras, and thus it can facilitate peaceful communication from the heart. Hold it in your hand and allow waves of peace and love to bring about inner harmony and balance. Allow your own depths to swim within the energies of the ocean and connect to the resonance of Mother Earth up and through the waters.

Mother Mary in her blue robes speaks now of the wonder of aquamarine in your healing process:

“Let it whisper to your heart to carry Unconditional Love forward in the Universe such as so many Masters have done. It is a blessing to work with aquamarine. Its beauty and radiance carry the light of the Divine Feminine to your heart. A stone of Time and No Time.”

Love and Blessings,
Mother Mary.

Adama speaks:

“From the depths of Mount Shasta, to the Andes, to the Himalayas, mountains carry deep within them the resonance of aquamarine. I, Adama have long guarded these energies and you are asked to honor them and to connect to them, if you choose, and realize that these energies have always been on Mother Earth. Atlantis and Lemuria were times when aquamarine was of great significance in ritual, in worship and in the temples. Aquamarine is formed in darkness and yet brings such a brilliance of light. Your ability to work with aquamarine will stand you in good stead through this time of Ascension, when its purging effects will clear and wash away painful memories and patterns from the past. Remember you have a resilience, just like aquamarine. You, similarly, are timeless and I, Adama, am with you and may be called upon for your peaceful transformation. When the going gets tough, get your aquamarine.”


“We are the Dolphins. We hear your call. We know your cries. We come close, as close as we can and we observe and interact with you …your presence on Earth is a gift to humanity. Your willingness and openness and your love is the resonance we carry. We love and honor the presence of aquamarine around the planet. We are no strangers to its sparkling, beautiful color. Breathe the depth of love into your heart. Hear us sing to your hearts.”

Love and Light
… the Dolphins