Are we building The New Camelot? Is it going to be a reality on Earth?

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Hello Everyone,

While the US presidential candidates may have us as a collective wondering in disbelief, there is no doubt that out of the mists covering the political waters, one soul will emerge the victor. Whatever groundswell is rising to lift him or her out of the mire, we can know that the Divine Plan is unfolding. Things happen that way, whether we believe it or not: out of every seeming negative thing something good will come.

While the glory days of John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy are compared fondly to Camelot, the illusion of time and of lost dreams needs our attention in the now in order for us to assist the birth of the New Golden Age of The New Camelot. Perhaps you are wondering when or if it will it ever be a reality? Oh yes, I have it on good authority from the higher realms (!) that however long it may take, there is no turning back now. It is going to take each one of us all the strength, courage and perspicacity (mental discernment) to make it a reality.

Are you waiting for your own mists of adversity to lift? Are you seeking clarity and wondering which way the wind will blow next? We can choose to be shrouded in uncertainty or, as Shakespeare says through Hamlet: we can take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them. We might not know all the forces that are at work, but we don’t need to. What we do know is that we can seek guidance (both inner and outer), set our intention and choose our direction. In other words, we don’t have to feel that we are at the mercy of all the elements without the wherewithal to free ourselves. We have spiritual technology!We will, however, likely find ourselves having to surrender to the flow of what is coming to us.

Fogginess in our thinking, will prolong any illusion of fear, doubt or hesitation. As Alice Bailey has written, (I paraphrase here and add a few thoughts of my own) the Initiate at some point, in the cold, clear light of day, must come to the realization that emotions can blind one, creating an illusion. As a master, the Initiate must learn to shed light on the oceans of his own challenges. Like Jesus the Christ, the Initiate can learn to walk victorious above his own waters and depths of despair. He will learn that his thoughts and intuition will direct his efforts to be the Light..

Masters Merlin, El Morya (of King Arthur fame) and Paul the Venetian give encouragement and channeled guidance below so that we may play our part in The New Camelot that we are birthing together.

It was so good to see the SQ family at Derek O’Neill’s workshop in New York. What a joy and inspiration it is to be in his presence and yours.

Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka, a/k/a Alison

April 2016

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