Are you a Crystal Skull Skeptic?

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Are you a crystal skull skeptic or a reborn afficionado? Perhaps you are mildly curious and are open to hear more.  To some, crystal skulls appear to be a source of mystical idolatry.  In 2010, “Indiana Jones”  popularized the Legend of the 13 Skulls just as Mickey Mouse popularized “Merlin the Magician”, but skulls are generally not widely understood outside of those who are drawn to be their keepers. As a quartz crystal skull keeper I can say they are a gift, a tool and a wonder.

Included among my bastion of vibrational tools, my crystal skulls play an important part.  Quartz crystals extracted from Mother Earth hold a broad spectrum of healing energies to assist with raising vibrational frequencies.  My home has more than its fair share, as visitors will attest, but they contribute much to the energies of your space. Crystals may appear to be inanimate, but they each have a certain atomic structure and vibration that we can tune into at will and as you are aware, they are the underpinning for our digital age – the computer chip.  But they serve more than solely on a physical level.  In crystal therapy and workshops, I recommend a roster of certain crystals for chakra balancing, aura cleansing, consciousness raising, spirit communication and many other physical and metaphysical applications.  Most underestimate their spiritual value in the home, office and general environment, not recognizing that Mother Earth herself is a mega crystal. I use crystals for my own attunements as well as for others, and I channel a monthly message titled Mystic Crystal Revelations.

The crystal skulls made from quartz crystal, therefore, intrinsically have their own individual energies and resonance and this varies from skull to skull.  Some of the better known and ancient skulls are playing their part in healings around the world, and stories can be read in articles and books today.  They are coming into the light now and for good reason.

My largest skull, Portal of Venus, is clear and bright and powerful.  As her name suggests, she has a certain brilliance and a specific planetary connection.  She appears to have been carved with Olmec features and her 15 ½ lb weight accompanied me up many pyramid sites and to ceremonies in the Yucatan Peninsula.  While many of the ancient skulls have come from meso America and are revered and sought after, others are being carved newly today.  Portal of Venus, whose provenance is from China, carries a newer and expanded energy which I feel is appropriate for me and all things Merlinian in my life.  I have channeled, inter alia, Lord Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus through her – as well as other Ascended Beings.  Certain phenomena have occurred with Portal of Venus, just as other crystal skull keepers may share with those who seek to spend time with their skulls.  I describe such a phenomenon in my new book, Merlin and The New Camelot, and I have certain other photographic evidence of energies appearing inside the skull.  As with all things spiritual, many such happenings take place when the time is right for the recipient or onlooker or when there is some other synchronicity taking place.

Nonetheless, at sacred sites, in gatherings and meditations, there is an energetic enhancement and impartation that can be called upon through the crystal skulls. It is an amazing experience to participate with their energies and to explore them as you feel drawn and opportunities arise. Open to the realm of new possibilities and see for yourself.