Ascension, by Master Kuthumi

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

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Beloved Ones,

There is no time like the present to review how you feel and how you connect to your surroundings. Mother Earth, in all her splendor, provides all your needs and you in turn are able to live an abundant life. However, at this time of great shifts and changes upon the Earth, it is highly recommended that you have a closer look at your commitment and dedication to your spiritual path. Clearing your chakras, and particularly the root chakra, will greatly add to your comfort level in all aspects of your life.

Are you procrastinating about something, do you limit your perspectives, do you feel at home in your own skin? If you are feeling happy within yourself and things are moving with relative ease, this is a good sign that you are open to what the Universe is showing you. If, however, certain messages or thoughts keep arising, or you know you are neglecting something, it will catch up at some point.

The Ascension process, even for the planet, requires constant adjustment and purging so that any negative residue may be cleaned out, as in a Spring cleaning. Your resolutions can slip away, tools and practices can be forgotten and entertainments can distract for too long. It requires discipline of the self, “sovereignty”, to keep things in balance and in check. When ignored, the small things can become oversized and difficult to deal with. Enough said.

Be vigilant in your thoughts and actions.What have you been putting off? I, Kuthumi, can remind you, and re-remind you to keep up with your plans and the details of your life. Call on me to help you get through that difficult patch and to re-assert your determination to stay on the path to Self Realization and Ascension.

In Constancy,
Master Kuthumi