Ascension Message from Master Serapis Bey

Alison L. JamesMessages of Light

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I invite you to join me in night school at the seat of Ascension over Luxor, Egypt. For thousands of years, this sacred place has been visited by a myriad of spiritual aspirants, novices and masters alike, and all those who have wished to accelerate their journey to the Higher Realms upon their departure from the Earth plane. Today, in addition to the dispensations gifted to humanity from the heavenly realms, your readiness for Ascension will be greatly assisted by your discipline and your will to expand your consciousness and focus on Ascension for the remainder of your lifetime. We welcome those wishing to attend nightly studies in Luxor, those who by the volition of their will choose to diligently seek to raise their energetic frequency, heal the past and seek Oneness with the company of the Great White Brotherhood. Within the history of humanity, now is a perfect time to review your mindset, beliefs and desires in the light of Truth and Freedom, no matter how things may look on the outside. If you feel your progress is blocked or something is holding you back, these matters can be addressed to enable your creations to come forth from the seat of your will at the solar plexus. I am ready and prepared to assist your journey as you embrace and take responsibility for your part in Mother Earth’s Ascension and indeed your own. No man may ascend without due readiness in his soul, mind and heart in that glorious moment of transformation from form to crystalline formlessness.

In Love and Service,
Master Serapis Bey