For The Coming Golden Age

This is a powerful time of transition and evolution for humanity on Planet Earth. Together we are creating a New World Order, a New Golden Age of Unconditional Love for the highest good of all. This transition is taking place as part of a Cosmic Inbreath of the Universe. As Mother Earth herself evolves to a higher frequency of being, to Fifth Dimensional energies and beyond, we each have an important role to play. It all begins with our taking responsibility for ourselves and our own personal evolution. The Ascension Toolkit provides the tools to assist your process. It is fundamentally important for us to:

  • ALLOW our own process
  • ACCEPT what the Universe is showing us
  • APPRECIATE everything that we are experiencing in our lives

The Ascension Toolkit consists of:

Healing Services – Your Sessions Channelings – with Master Merlin
Initiations – For you to become a Practitioner Teachings – My books and workshops
Workshops – Teachings, Meditations and Energies Earth Healing Ceremonies and Events


Wherever you are on the planet, it is important for you to know that we each affect the vibration and well being of each other and the planet with our own I AM Presence, in the same way as the words of the Tibetan prayer flags ride on the winds blowing around the planet.

The Ascension Toolkit offerings can assist your growth and expansion. Each one is fully explained here at

Don’t know where to start? Allow me to be of service to you, to assist your process, as Spirit guides us. Contact me as you wish.

I AM in Service to the Light and to You,
Alison James

The peace and welfare of the nation depend on the peace and progress of society, which in turn are dependent on the peace and good conduct of individuals. Unless individuals develop mutual regard and tolerance, and cultivate equal-mindedness towards each other, there can be no peace and harmony in the community. Material progress alone cannot bring about peace and harmony and happiness among people.
– Sathya Sai Baba