Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

A perfect crystal for standing in the truth of self, in oneness with the energies of the universe, is Astrophyllite. It helps you to blossom, to come out of your shell and to live the life of the truth of who you really are, from the inside to the outside. It is particularly helpful in this time of transition.

Holding this crystal is an “electric” experience. Its energies are immediately discernible and move quickly throughout your being. Astrophyllite works with your electromagnetic field and your chakras, like an electric current that provides an invigorating “brush up”. It is a great unifier of the chakra column, enabling unification from the Earth Star to the Soul Star and enhancing Kundalini energy flow and psychic communication to the higher realms.

Astrophyllite’s golden and fiery inclusions in its darker base make it a highly charged crystal that connects you powerfully to Mother Earth. The writer also finds Astrophyllite particularly activating for the heart; it activates you to open up to new realms of possibilities and to fulfill your potential, on Earth and Above. It can help you to move through changes and embrace more of you by letting go of what you may be clinging to.

This is a powerful crystal for self empowerment, for alignment with your Higher Self and for self attunement with your higher aspirations.

July, 2018.