Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

These two beautiful crystals are often found growing side by side.  While their structure and coloration are different, they work synergistically for a shared purpose.

Dark or electric blue Azurite, the Stone of Heaven, appears to have its layers deeply bonded together.  It is a stone of meditation and communication and for deep inner knowing. Azurite may be placed on the third eye or held for an accceleration of knowing the self and accessing one’s psychic abilities. Its powerful energies align you with your Higher Self and work through the spine, aligning the chakras. Azurite has a density and strong connection to Mother Earth and at the same time it helps the bearer to open up to energies from above. It has long been prized by the Ancient Egyptians and the American Indians for the insights it may bring in the form of talismans and jewelry. It helps you to blend the subconscious with the conscious mind, revealing more of the truth that is you. 

Azurite, in your deepest blue,
Show me of myself what is true.

Beware of wearing Malachite, it is said.  This green stone, the Stone of Transformation, with its dark-eyed inclusions within its green, black and white swirls and striations, may be the stone to bring up your issues, perhaps the suppressed emotions that have overflowed from your heart and are now resting in your solar plexus, your sensitive spot. It will assist you to recognize negative patterns and experiences and to be comfortable in changing situations. Malachite will soothe the heart and give you insight into what is preventing you from coming forward.

Malachite, Malachite, Stone of Green,
Show me what will not be seen!

Together Azurite and Malachite will work to increase your awareness of Self and shift those lingering densities that no longer serve you.