Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Barite comes in a variety of green, blue and brown shades and its blades are quite beautiful.  This is a crystal for connecting to the higher realms and to one’s Higher Self.  In meditation, it forges a higher perspective to enable a releasing and  understanding of the old ways that no longer serve. It helps you break that resistant energy that would hold you in the same place of fearing or doubt.  Barite helps you move to your next step.

Placed on the third eye, in grid formations both on and off the body, and used in conjunction with other high vibrational new age stones, Barite can assist greater transformation and openness to other dimensional realities.  It is a wonderful accompaniment for this time of transition into the New Golden Age., to connect with beings of Higher Consciousness who can assist our evolution.

Barite is also known as the desert rose, in which form its blades are curled into a petaled formation in a brown and white coloration.  It is consequently not fragile but requires respectful placement and treatment.