Be your own Taskmaster!

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Has the intensity of global change got you fired up? Has the political landscape got you seeing red? No matter where you turn, change is afoot and there is no escaping it. As humanity moves to its next level of awareness, Unconditional Love and Respect for your fellow man will be realized by all.

And so, fellow magicians, it is to your own inner strengths and divine presence you must turn for the wisdom and guidance you seek. While nations flex their muscles in search of greater financial security, your security will be found in developing your Love and Sovereignty of Self, You can decide what road to take and which choice to make. You can turn the tide of your life by flowing with the currents as they appear to you and developing new ways and habits to make your way forward – and perhaps different.

As you know, you can rely upon your Inner Wisdom, your experiences and senses to tell you when something is awry, can you not? So when you are ready to shift, let your faith and trust do their work to provide a compass for you. Use your Inner Magic!  What comes before you is meant for you. Let heart and mind work together, putting aside attachment, judgment, emotional excess and reactionary fervor. Be still and know that out of the seeming chaos, a new light of discipline will shine the way for you. Let your Inner Saturn sing!

Perhaps the new path seems challenging, overwhelming even. I AM here to tell you that you have the abiity to step onto it, to step in a new direction with a renewed vigor and sense of empowerment. Let go of the past. You’ve got what it takes! A willingness to change, a dose of discipline and the governance of Self will help you stick to any new program. A little self talk and encouragement can work wonders too. Tell yourself, “I can do this, I choose this, the Divine Plan is at work, a way is being made”!

So be your own Taskmaster, keep the home fires burning and call the shots for yourself! The benefits of your newly-found discipline will become clearer to you as you step forward day by day. Mastering the earthly realm and all it has to offer is your destiny and part of the Divine Plan for your life. Your Self Love and Sovereignty, the rulership of Self, brings Love and Respect for others. I, Merlin and the Ascended Masters are here to assist your transformation as you go. Call on us when the going gets tough and seems an upward climb. You will discover that a little self-discipline will fan the fires of your heart.

~ Master Merlin

Image courtesy of Anthony Citro, a painting on a vase.

July, 2016.