Being Alone

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Living and being alone is not a death sentence, nor a punishment, it is a choice and an opportunity. In terms of time actually spent alone, being alone provides an opportunity for you to find yourself, learn to like yourself, do what you need to do, and devote yourself to your chosen path. Whether short- or long-term, it might be a time of self-evaluation, healing, rebalancing, regeneration, even self-preservation, but above all it is a time to learn independence and how to be responsible for yourself.

Time spent in quiet contemplation can provide an opportunity to develop self-control over emotions, feelings and reactions of all kinds as well as to focus on visualization, prayer and your intentions. This governance of the self in physical form, in spiritual terminology, is known as Sovereignty, i.e. honoring, ruling and taking care of yourself, and is key to the Ascension process.

Time spent alone on the path to Sovereignty, therefore, enables you to move to the beat of your own drum. It can bring an inner fortitude that is less likely to be swayed by external triggers and influences.  Your own thoughts, voice, actions, observations and external expressions become more focused on the self, attuned to the choices you must make that best serve you.  This does not mean to imply that to focus on the self is selfishly motivated, but rather that you become aware of the spiritual principles that are at work for the good of yourself and therefore for others as well.  What you feel, see and experience in the meditative quietness of your own inner self, enables you to honor the whole self, warts and all, as well as that of humanity. You can learn to enjoy your own company.

The self is two-fold. There is the human self with all the physical and attendant conditions and circumstances of your daily existence on Earth.  The other part is your spiritual or inner self, also known as your divinity. The inner self may speak to you through your heart, your senses, your intuitive knowing and of course, through your inner voice. The physical form is a formidable receptor and transmitter device for these processes. As an adult, it takes time and experience to learn to listen to what your inner self has to say, to find out who you are and what makes you tick. To then follow that voice and inner guidance, to make adjustments and changes, may take a little soul searching and in some cases more than a little courage, but it will lead you to be true to you.

When we hear the axiom, “as above, so below”, we start to appreciate that there are higher forces at work affecting us mortals on Earth. Perhaps through religious education, family conditioning, education and other influences within your close community, you may place spiritual understanding and the concept of divinity high above you, something to be attained after the transition known as death.  Spirituality may not even have a place of importance in your conscious mind. However, it is important to realize that your physical being and divine presence carry equal weight while you are in form, and that the Ascension process, also known as the “spiritualization of matter”, is providing you with an even greater opportunity to embrace the spirituality of self. On Earth both aspects of self need to be recognized, accepted, listened to and nurtured. In fact, the human physicality and all that life provides are spirituality at work. All that you are here “below” is as important as all that you are “above.

In the newly released movie “Alone in Berlin”, based on a true story, a German couple who lose their only son in World War II, step out of their comfort zone in war-torn Berlin to spread words of truth about the Hitler regime and its activities. Risking life and limb, they leave messages on postcards all about the city. When finally arrested and facing trial in court, the husband turns to his wife and says that the inevitable outcome they face does not matter and we the audience understand what is implied. While they cannot avoid the ultimate death sentence that awaits them, what their service achieved for themselves and others, far outweighed their inevitable physical demise. The expression of their spiritual inner voice had become not only a guiding force, but the very truth and purpose of their lives; it transcended everything. Their inner and outer being had become One, fused together and inseparable.

In our lives today, it may not be unusual to experience the negative ego in times of stress impress upon the self that one is alone in the world, that no-one hears or cares, or that one’s presence is of no significance. It is fear, especially in the extreme conditions presented in this movie, that can prevent you from speaking your truth; fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of unseen repercussions, perhaps even fear for your life. As this movie so beautifully demonstrates, fear becomes camouflage and illusion over truth and can be as deadly as the cause of the fear itself. The words of truth disseminated on the postcards by the couple in this story, however, reach the hearts and consciousness of unexpected receivers, even those who are afraid to acknowledge them. While the couple thought they were alone against the odds of survival, we discover that their sacrifice unites them (and us) in ways and on a level that defies human description.

Contrary to human perception, therefore, no-one is ever alone. Everyone’s voice is heard and matters, and contributes to mass consciousness of which we are all a part. In spirit and consciousness we are all One. Whatever your life circumstances in the physical, your inner presence, your divinity, is what will carry you through all manner of trials and tribulations. Being alone enables the development of your spiritual evolution and ennobled self, your Sovereignty, and the ability to follow your heart.