Blue Aragonite

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

On planet Earth we are blessed to have discovered and have access to an amazing array of crystals of all colors, shapes and forms that serve life here energetically. Whether they are mined underground in caverns, under water or above the ground, by connecting to them we connect to the energies of the Universe, to Mother Nature and to our beautiful blue planet. Whatever chemical elements may been forged in their creation, usually through heat and subsequent cooling, we can know that they too are part of the Divine Plan for the benefit of mankind. By working with their intrinsic energies, we can benefit in subtle ways that may not be obvious at first. Some may speak to us across a room and others may “buzz” us electrically when held. However you apply their energies to your body, energy field or environment, crystals have their own mission. In our humanness, we have yet to fully understand how crystals are impacting our lives beyond Silicon Valley’s manufacture of the microchip because of the ability of quartz crystals to vibrate at a constant level. It may be of interest to you to know that the Ascended Masters apply crystalline energies throughout the Universe for many different purposes.

Crystalline resonance is fundamental to the creation of matter, to the stars and planets and to us and our physical Ascension. In my journey I was introduced to Blue Aragonite by Merlin. Unlike the brown and clear variety that is frequently used for healing, Blue Aragonite is not commonly found. It exudes a particularly beautiful blue ray that has a softening effect upon one’s aura and well-being. It is good for healing the emotions and dealing with grief. It gently stimulates your deeper feelings and helps you to relax. It was a lovely surprise for me to discover that Merlin uses the energy of Blue Aragonite in his energetic dome. I like to keep it under my pillow at night. It helps to take “the edge off” after a busy day. Try it and see!