Blue Kyanite

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

The shimmering aluminum silicate found within Kyanite gives it a “heavenly” quality.  Its sky-blue radiance aligns it with celestial energies and the higher vibrations to which we are attuning for this period of Ascension.  Most importantly, Kyanite cannot hold negative energy and for this reason it is the perfect tool for use with the higher chakras.

The blade formations of Kyanite make it a wonderful took for cutting through negative energies and illusion.  The blades may be held in the hand and used to clear the chakras and the aura, or they be placed on the body between the chakras to activate and align the energies between the chakras.  Kyanite is an energy shifter and an attunement tool.

Blue Kyanite also fufills a unique role in that it may be placed on the top of the head behind the crown and down towards the back of the head, i.e. at the Causal Chakra.   Here it may activate the energies of the Rainbow Bridge reaching from the Medula Oblongata at the top of the spine across to the Third Eye.    This bridging assists the inner understanding and alignment within the Self of those aspects of being that may be disparate.  Thus Blue Kyanite brings clarity and comprehension of Self within one’s consciousness.  It also helps one to understand one’s dreams.

Blue Kyanite is a wonderful crystal to clear and balance the throat chakra, to facilitate a deeper understanding and expression of the Self.  It assists one’s connection to the angelic realms and to opening the channels of Divine guidance beyond three-dimensional thinking and limitation; it is a psychic enhancer.