Blue Sapphires for Discipline

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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The brilliance of Sapphires has always attracted us. The greater their clarity, color and cut puts an increasing pricetag on their acquisition for us. They come in a rainbow of colors, blue, pink, green, purple, yellow, peach, clear, even black, but for purposes of this newsletter our focus is on blue sapphires.

This focus is in no small part due to the resonance of blue sapphires with the element of air. As we learn to master our “earth magic’, blue sapphires can assist our mental clarity, focus and discipline.

And before you say, they are too expensive, natural sapphire cabochons can be purchased quite inexpensively online. Perhaps you will come across one that is still attached to a stony looking matrix. In this case it will be less “gemmy” but may offer the bonus of being more grounding, an asset when we are creating new patterns and disciplines in our lives.

The variegated cobalt blue example shown here would be a great adjunct for clearing the throat and stepping into one’s power on the way to becoming one’s own taskmaster! Its highly polished surface and smoothness would be great to hold and place on the body. It would be great for the third eye and for developing insight into one’s own visions and empowerment. Besides its dazzling beauty, a blue sapphire can assist you to be “true” to your cause and intentions.

July, 2016.