Bringing Forth New Beginnings

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Greetings Beloveds,

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ the song says, but are your holiday spirits dampened by the daily reports of pandemic resurgence? Fear not. We the Ascended Masters are with you, tickling your funny bone to buoy your spirits and help you return to the true meaning of Christmas. Whatever may be happening around you, remember your thoughts, your radiance, your energies and beliefs are the reason for your presence upon Earth. Remember to look up, from whence your help cometh. Place your focus on things above, things that are unseen and that you feel within. Sometimes it is the outer illusion of things that distracts you from the truth of who you are, who you represent and what your mission is.

As you celebrate the Holy Birth and new life of Jesus the Christ within you, remember that as this year of 2021 ends, a new one will be birthed for the benefit of all, bringing with it all manner of changes, opportunities and choices for a brighter, stronger and hope-filled year. Mother Earth and the Divine Plan provide all that you have need of. In the midst of the winter stillness and this Winter Solstice, make time and space for your personal miracles and new beginnings to be enabled. Go beyond the surface of outer illusion to seek your own personal vision for the future according to you and your Higher Self. Contraction impedes expansion. Allow movement away from old ways towards new creations in order for them to take shape and manifest. Call them forth and see them as if they are already before you. How do they make you feel? How you feel is as important as what you think. Heart and mind must work together with Capricorn practicality as well as Aquarian uniqueness and vision. You are what you say you are and what you believe you are.

Your words, expressed inwardly or outwardly, convey instructions to your subconscious that govern your outcomes. From this day forward, fast negative words and negative thinking, speak only positive words to yourself and others. Think on the bright and the beautiful. Rest in the knowledge that the cycles of time, the radiance of the stars and planets and the energies syncretized to you by the Masters are preparing you for new horizons ahead. What happens to one, is happening for all. You are whole, complete and an important part of the Universe. You are loved and supported beyond measure.

Love and Best Christmas Wishes to you,
I AM with you Always,
Master Merlin