Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

A magnificent form of quartz agate, Carnelian is the stone I reach for to have that extra boost.  Activation, encouragement and empowerment, these are the qualities that Carnelian brings to the wearer.  A fiery and bright orange, Carnelians register with the second chakra to bring a joyfulness and motivation to move forward.  They can help you step out of your comfort zone and to have faith in your future.  Often found with white and/or dark inclusions, they may be activating and quite grounding att he same time for both the first and second chakra.  They are very helpful for kidney and intestinal issues, but use your intuition, however, as to whether activation or calming is required.

Like other members of the agate family, there is a healing and comforting quality that Carnelians bring. There is a smoothness in their energies, not a jarring prod, but rather a warming sense so that reticence slips away and the next step is paved with ease.  I am reminded of an image of Indiana Jones stepping out over the abyss and the road rising up to meet him.  Carnelians help you to move to your next phase or level of being.

Such magical transformational power from Mother Earth is inexpensively obtained.  Try it and see!