Castles in the Air

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Castles in the Air

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Hello Everyone,

We are still wading through snow in a cold February on the East Coast, but like myself, you may be looking forward to dipping your toes in the sand in sunnier days.  Meanwhile we are ascending up the ramparts towards Sovereignty of our Holy Grail, our Divine Self, both inner and outer.

Are you standing looking out, the wounded king, awaiting attack or the healing power of the goddess to arise within? Her power and wisdom can be found in her coils as she unravels, moving from your root up to your heart. Can you allow your inner castle walls of limitation to stand between you and happiness, or will you dissolve them? Our eternal quest is be whole, healed and fully radiant, to be the light upon the hill, our own shining knight of the heart.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we are reminded of romantic love with a partner. We are all born as an individual soul, yet throughout our lives we spend a mountainous amount of time, seeking or perfecting such a relationship in human form. Like King Arthur, we may be thrust into an abyss of sadness and a breaking down of what no longer serves us in order to come to our Sovereignty of Self, to overcome thoughts, emotions and filters of separation and lack.

Our quest for love, really, is a search for Divine Love, that relationship with Self, with God, and our ultimate partner in God. Thus it is incumbent upon ourselves to prepare for our ultimate homecoming to the higher realms and to seek to sip the elixir of life now.

We may be reaching for those “castles in the air”, dreaming or experiencing moments of love, bliss and insight. In our humanness, we may think those castles are outside of ourselves, but our castles rest within our hearts. There are, of course, etheric cities and grail castles resting over sacred sites, but our entry into such treasures requires that we go within. A paradox and a mystery! Indeed the universe may be found in the infinitessimal light within our hearts — another paradox –, just as the energy of universal Christ Consciousness exists within the blueprint of the Admon Kadmon within us. Until you recognize and attain that Sovereignty, your castle may be breached.

It is a paradox that the evolution of humanity en masse towards Unity, a/k/a “We Consciousness”, requires the development and governance of self. We necessarily find ourselves walking in two worlds, Heaven and Earth. We are developing into our full individual expressions while embracing human collectivity simultaneously, a multi-dimensional process. The North and South poles may shift, but polarity will remain. Sovereignty of Self is the necessary step to set your pennant flying within our human conundrum.

Do reach out to me for more in-depth channelings, Rising Star healings and initiations, crystal healings or as Spirit guides you.

In Service,
Blessings, Love and Light,

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February, 2014.