Celebrating Dolphins

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Did you know that dolphins use 100% of their brain capacity?  They have to make the conscious decision to come up for air.  We only use approximately 10% of our brain capacity, and when we return to Spirit we will … Read More

The Light of Christmas 2018

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            Holiday Greetings Everyone, No matter the tradition you may follow at Christmastime, as the days grow shorter and the nights longer, the celebrations of Light are the central theme after the Winter Solstice. Before … Read More

Crystal Skull Activations

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With Portal of Venus and the Telosian Skull When you experience a personal channeling with me and my amazing Crystal Skulls, Portal of Venus or the Telosian Skull be open to receive the energies and consciousness of other realms. Edgar … Read More

A Tribute to Bella

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My Beloved Companion   On August 9, 2008 my loving, loyal and extraordinary companion and soul mate Bella returned home after her 14th birthday. This was her day of completion after the 8-8-8 Stargate. My eternal bond with her remains, … Read More

Chaos or Cosmos?

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              Hello or “HOW” Everyone, Every day there is more food, fodder and fuel for thought on issues affecting our lives, some of national and international importance socially and politically, and some of a … Read More

Operating in the God-Zone.

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                Hello Everyone, When we are living in the NOW, being present in the moment, we are operating in the God-Zone of Self. In this place we can engage in curiosity and move … Read More

Lion’s Gate: Surrender to Self

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Hello Everyone, On this auspicious annual event, portals of energy are opened up to us. Are the energies roaring at you because of your resistance or do you feel the impetus and nudge to be more of yourself, to get … Read More