Ancient Crystals of Now

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We are uncovering around the world “new” or “New Age” crystals at this time of Ascension of Mother Earth.  While we may look and declare “This is something new!” ancient wisdom has taught us “there is nothing new under the … Read More

Along the Nile

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The Nile is arguably the most famous river in history. Its predominant source of water is presently the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, discovered in 1872 by the Welsh journalist and explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley of “Dr. Livingstone, I presume” … Read More

Being Alone

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Living and being alone is not a death sentence, nor a punishment, it is a choice and an opportunity. In terms of time actually spent alone, being alone provides an opportunity for you to find yourself, learn to like yourself, … Read More

The Thawing of Humanity

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  Attacks of terrorism may be on the rise, but so too is the inner awakening of the heart of humanity on a global scale. The densification of negative thoughtforms that have burdened our world since the “fall” of humanity … Read More

Who or What is there to Forgive?

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From a 5th dimensional standpoint, in the new world of Christ Consciousness we are building, I believe that the answer to this question is unequivocally – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! As we learn to understand, embrace and embody Universal, All-encompassing and Unconditional … Read More

2013 and Beyond – Where are we Now?

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As we stand at the threshold of our New Golden Age, we are beginning our journey to overlay the energies of the Piscean Age with those of the Age of Aquarius.  Life goes on after much activity and the acceleration … Read More

Getting Close to Christopher Columbus

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In celebration of Columbus Day 2012, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi designed and constructed a living room on scaffolding placed around New York City’s column-topping statue of Christopher Columbus sculpted by Sicilian born Gaetano Russo. Several flights of steps now lead … Read More

What’s the Matter?

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Newly immersed in a course of study, namely Neuro Linguistic Programming (“NLP”), I am expanding my awareness of how we truly communicate with others and with ourselves. How much do we assume and how much do we really understand? How … Read More