Merlin Speaks on Love

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                    Beloveds, There are so many lightworkers who have stepped out of their comfort zone, who have worked long and hard to accomplish things that are reaping benefits of a profound … Read More

Ascension is Descension

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When we speak of the Ascension process of Mother Earth and all her life forms, including humanity, we associate this with a rise in consciousness, an increase in vibration and an upward spiral through the dimensional layers of being. When … Read More

Merlin Speaks on Nirvana

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Perhaps you think heaven is a place of eternal rest in another realm or it just seems out of sight right now. Perhaps that place of peace and tranquility within you is eluding you at present and is clouded over. … Read More

Merlin: Finding the Magic Within

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There is no time to waste, allow the new you to emerge.  When situations seem to loom large and overwhelming, be still and know.  Once centered again, it’s a matter of taking one step at a time towards your goal.  … Read More

Merlin on New Beginnings

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Your lives may have been turned topsy-turvy but this is all part of the process of realignment.  It is as if you have been turned upside down and all the contents of your pockets have tumbled onto the floor. Centered once … Read More

Merlin on Magnificence

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              Beloveds, Life on Earth provides ample opportunities for you to become the fullness of who you really are. The veil over humanity that you would like to escape keeps you learning without hindrance … Read More

You’re a Work of Art

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                              Beloveds, The season of Spring affords you many opportunities to spend time in nature, to listen to the birds sing and to observe life in … Read More

As above, so below.

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    Climbing Glastonbury Tor     Beloveds, As above, so below. So this axiom speaks to your lives upon the Earth and to the higher realms of existence. You have incarnated at this time to be of service to … Read More