St. Germain on Ascension Alchemy

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The following is an excerpt from article Activate Ascension Alchemy. St. Germain says: “Dear Lightworkers, Be encouraged at this time to step deeply into the recesses of your hearts to root out what has laid ignored and labeled of lesser … Read More

Lady Kuan Shih Yin on Compassion

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“Compassion lives in the heart but seeks its outward expression through your thoughts and actions. Opportunities are close at hand in your daily walk to help those who suffer pain and distress – which may or may not be of … Read More

Mohini Murti (Female Hindu Avatar)

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Dearest Devotees, I am a Being of Light from the Highest Realms and known as a Hindu deity. Long have I awaited an opportunity speak through the eye and ears of those who would seek my presence at this time … Read More

Hathor Speaks

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This channeling is extracted from my article entitled “Goddess Hathor”: “I am Hathor, Goddess of fertility, power and beauty for women.  I have been known in many guises, but most of all I wish to be petitioned by those who … Read More

Isis Speaks

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This channeling is extracted from my article about “The Divine Feminine in Egypt; Mother Isis”: “I AM Isis, the Goddess of myriad forms of Light within the Universe.  Do not think of me as ‘out of reach’ or ‘lost in … Read More

Lady Venus Speaks

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I am the One that upholds Love and Peace for my Beloved Sanat Kumara as he travels throughout Time and No Time to help humanity upon Planet Earth.  Have you  forgotten that you have been loved and supported in all your … Read More

March Madness? – Archangel Gabriel

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You may think you are going through mayhem, but fear not.  This month is a renewed opportunity for you to reach deep within yourselves and pull out that plum!  It’s there waiting for you.  You have spent the better part … Read More

The Divine Feminine

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Blessed Hearts, You are entering a new time in your lives, indeed a time of expansion upon Mother Earth in her Ascension.  Be of good cheer!  There is so much love and support for your individual and collective journeys.  There … Read More

The Second Moon of Earth

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(Excerpt from a Channeling with Archangel Gabriel) Archangel Gabriel: The energies of the Second Moon of the Earth disappeared from the gravitation of the Earth during Atlantean times. The energies created during the Atlantean times allowed this Second Moon, this … Read More