Honey Calcite

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  Honey Calcite is such a warm and friendly stone. One would hardly imagine how effective it can be to help you stick to your goals and intentions. Like other calcites, it has a harmonious feel that is very healing … Read More

Blue Sapphires for Discipline

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

The brilliance of Sapphires has always attracted us. The greater their clarity, color and cut puts an increasing pricetag on their acquisition for us. They come in a rainbow of colors, blue, pink, green, purple, yellow, peach, clear, even black, but for … Read More

Astrological Crystal Therapy Listing

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C A P R I C O R N Commitment and Leadership Ruby Power and Success, let go of the obsolete, Garnet Authority, Structure, Wisdom Black Onyx Break through conventionality, boundaries & limits Labradorite Overcome narrow-mindedness, plodding nature with spiritual … Read More

Ancient Crystals of Now

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We are uncovering around the world “new” or “New Age” crystals at this time of Ascension of Mother Earth.  While we may look and declare “This is something new!” ancient wisdom has taught us “there is nothing new under the … Read More

Iceland Volcanic Rock

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Those who were present at Derek O’Neill’s powerful Agnihotra ceremony at Creacon received a piece of rock from the volcano of Iceland he visited. These stones are the new life of Mother Earth and you may be aware, that in … Read More