Ancient Crystals of Now

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We are uncovering around the world “new” or “New Age” crystals at this time of Ascension of Mother Earth.  While we may look and declare “This is something new!” ancient wisdom has taught us “there is nothing new under the … Read More

Iceland Volcanic Rock

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Those who were present at Derek O’Neill’s powerful Agnihotra ceremony at Creacon received a piece of rock from the volcano of Iceland he visited. These stones are the new life of Mother Earth and you may be aware, that in … Read More


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                  A perfect crystal for standing in the truth of self, in oneness with the energies of the universe, is Astrophyllite. It helps you to blossom, to come out of your shell and to … Read More

K2 Granite, a/k/a K2 Jasper

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            Discovered in the foothills of mountain K2 in the Karakoram Range between China and Pakistan, gemstone “K2” is another extraordinary gift from Mother Earth. It comes from a remote area that is very difficult … Read More

Breastplate of the Priests

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                The breast plate of twelve gemstones worn by the Hebrew Priests as described in the Bible has been the subject of much speculation. However, as a crystal guardian I offer the suggestion … Read More

Go for Goshenite!

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            The gemstone Goshenite is a type of beryl, but unlike most beryls of many colors, Goshenite is colorless, clear and brilliant. It is quite diamond-like in its qualities, as well as very hard. It is … Read More