The Seagull

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Floating on currents of air Warmed by ebbing tides And shifting winds, His shadow circles from overhead. Wings extended, soaring along The windswept beach. He hovers at the water’s edge To mark his target, Then up, up, positioning A little … Read More

The Gift

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Morning arrives. I open my eyes to A blue-coated sky Wrapped in cloud drifts Under a radiant sun. Consciousness begins anew. I breathe in the Spirit of All As Mother Earth opens Another Day For me to manifest my dreams. … Read More

For Tsar

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Sleep quietly now, My royal prince, For no more pain Must you bear. I have let you go Back to whence You originally came. A gentle, kind and loving Gift from the Father, You lived your life In love, loyalty … Read More

Glass Ceiling

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Ouch! I hit the glass ceiling: “Fit in this box, be like this,” Or slide down the slippery pole Of human politics. “Learn what we want you to learn, Be how we want you to be, Stay exactly where you … Read More


Alison L. JamesPoetry

A prosperous life is not just effects, It’s a mindset that comes from within, It knows the infinite bounty of God’s grace An attracts abundance, like Merlin. Thank God for profusion in all things, For riches of family and friends, … Read More


Alison L. JamesPoetry

Come away, My Beloved, Step onto a different shore Where love and joy overtake you, Rest in peace, as you did before. Feel the presence of the Master Always by your side, His love forever overfills you, He is the … Read More

Moon Magnificat

Alison L. JamesPoetry

I watch you wax and wane Across midnight skies, Your halo shining Over sleeping rooftops And quiet streets. I reach out and Hold you in my hand, Your shining iridescence Bathing my room in Blue opalescent light. Your silvery shadows … Read More


Alison L. JamesPoetry

I am rich, I am strong, I am His servant all day long. I am a leader, I am in charge, I am His disciple at large. I am the Word, I am power, I am strength in this hour. … Read More

Tree of Righteousness

Alison L. JamesPoetry, Uncategorized

I am a tree of righteousness growing in the garden of life, I bend with the wind, my mantle rustles and gives breath And my roots grow thick and strong. My limbs reach far and wide despite twists and turns, … Read More

A Diamond in the Sky

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Two heavenly bodies collide in space A new light fills the sky, A monument is struck in time And named for you on high. A child is born, a spirit finds life, A trail is blazed anew, Across the abyss … Read More