Celebrate Beloved Sai Baba and dispel “maya” this May.

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Om Sai Ram, Everyone,

Tempus fugit – time flies.  It is amazing to me that events seem to come and go so fast.  The concept of non-attachment to the material realm is certainly before us, especially with the passing of our Purna Avatar, our Beloved Sathya Sai Baba. His passing has truly shown me the illusion or “maya” of death.  Indeed, the presence of Merlin in my life has been a tremendous lesson of moving beyond the “maya” of separation and physicality.

I feel so blessed to have lived while Sai Baba walked the Earth.  Yet it seems to me that Swami is even more present: his love even greater, his legacy and magnanimity beyond exemplary, his Spirit so all-encompassing and far-reaching.  His gifts to the world are, I believe, immeasurable in human terms.  Yet we have all seen and witnessed so much.

When I was blessed to visit his ashram in Puttaparthi, southern India, in Spring of 2008, I recall walking through some lovely gardens outside a public building.  In the hot midday sun, a little bird on a branch quite close to me, started singing the sweetest song.  Not just a couple of “tweets”, but a whole song, a prolonged expression of joy!  It so caught my attention that I stood in that blazing sunshine to listen.

A similar event occurred in Glendalough, southern Ireland, on one of Derek O’Neill’s tours some years ago when a little orange bird (such as I have never seen before in the British Isles) perched on a tombstone and began serenading a small group of us with more than a few choruses.  Such a brave little bird to sit so close to humanity until his song was done!  And such a precious gift from Mother Nature, the gift of song.

So come join our gathering in NYC to honor Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Thursday (details below).  Come and sing bhajans that Swami loves to hear and let’s dispel “maya” this May.

Love and Light,

May, 2011.