Guidance and Wisdom from Other Dimensions

in Heart-to-Heart Channeling Sessions

This is your opportunity to speak with Master Merlin, other Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Guides and other Beings of Light in a “Heart-to-Heart” channeling session through me, Alison James.  As a “conscious channel” I allow Spirit to speak through me and deliver it to you. In a Heart-to-Heart session, you may receive wisdom and guidance on all aspects of your life as well as receive high frequency energies as well. Merlin has a way of connecting to you in a very loving and supportive way to bring you to your next level. You may choose:

  • An OPEN reading in which Spirit will lead and direct your focus.
  • A SEEKING WISDOM reading in which you may ask your questions.
  • A DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL MAGIC WITH MASTER MERLIN reading in which our beloved Philosopher of Truth focuses attention on your personal issues, how to stand in your truth and how to manifest abundance in your life.
  • A TWIN FLAME reading in which Spirit will advise you about your connection to your Twin Flame (please note that this is not a guarantee that such a connection may be made at this time).
  • A PARENT AND CHILD reading for Star Seed, Indigo and Crystal Children accompanied by a parent.
  • A CRYSTAL SKULL reading.

When our hearts and minds are open, Spirit is able to penetrate us on deeper levels of being.

How long have you been waiting to ask those questions about yourself and your life?  Contact me now so we can get started!

My heart is ever at your service.” ~ Shakespeare, Timon of Athens

Crystal Skull Activations

Crystal Skulls are great portals and activators of energy.  They function as receivers and transmitters and, dependent on their crystalline structure, may transit certain energies that are aligned with their coloration and gemstone integratIon. When you experience a personal channeling with my amazing Crystal Skulls, Portal of Venus or the Telosian Skull and others, be open to receive the energies and consciousness from other realms.

Edgar Cayce in his Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals and More, gives us clues as to the history of the crystal skulls. As a Skull Keeper I can attest that they are used as access points to connect with Source and other Beings beyond the Earth plane. The skulls each have specific energies and a unique role to play. The Legend of the Thirteen Skulls continues to intrigue us. It is said that when the thirteen come together (a circle of twelve around the one) a portal of energies is opened. Ancient skulls have been discovered in Mexico, Central and South America and they connect us to the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations … and beyond. While speculation as to their specific origins still abound, one thing we know for sure and can witness today, is that they bring forth magical healing energies for those who are open to receive them.

Portal of Venus, made of reconstituted quartz comes from China. Weighing some 15 lbs, her crystal clarity aligns with tremendous energies, forming a conduit and a repository. I was blessed to channel Sanat Kumara, and Lady Venus at her unveiling ceremony several years ago. Since then, I may use her in a personal channeling session or invoke certain frequencies and cosmic alignments for healing, expansion and journeying. Portal of Venus has participated in many activations and workshops and accompanied me in 2008 to Mayan ceremonies at the pyramids and sacred sites in the Yucatan, Mexico.  Her brilliance and clarity contribute to her powerful presence.

The Telosian Skull, also weiging some 15lbs, is of white and clear quartz. With this skull, I found myself attuning to Master Adama, the High Priest and leader of the Telosians, (the Ancient Lemurians) whose energies may be found below Mount Shasta. It is important to remember, however, that there are no limits or confinements in Spirit. Rather, crystalline energies connect us to the Universe and our infinite crystalline presence. It is no accident that the skulls have emerged at this time to form a bridge to greater levels of being for us. Come explore with me!

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An Introduction to Channeling

Channeling is a FANTASTIC GIFT from the Creator! In ancient Lemuria and ancient times our communication with Spirit (or God) was much more direct and commonly accepted. Over millions of years, our “fall”, our densification into matter and the development of our lower chakras, diminished our communication abilities with Spirit. Many indigenous tribes on the planet today still maintain these connections, such as the Aborigines with the practice of ‘the Dreaming’ and many shamans around the world. This ability can be regained. Everyone can learn to channel. It requires that you work to clear your energies, open your heart and open up your higher chakras to receive what Spirit has to convey to you.

It was because of my desire to connect to Master Merlin, the Ascended Masters and Angels, that I pursued this ability on a daily basis and with a tenacity! As I usually describe in my Twin Flame Reunification workshop, communicating with the consciousness of an ascended being draws you closer and closer to Spirit and ultimately to your Higher Self. Learning to channel can bring about also a tremendous expansion within your own being. This process is greatly facilitated by crystals and assisted by the use of a pendulum. Crystalline energies bring about an amplification of the self, and supply an enhanced medium to carry the words, sounds, images and consciousness of the being who is communicating with you. There is often a tremendous energetic impartation to the channeler as well as the recipient during a channeling session. It is necessary to still the mind in order to receive and transmit what is being communicated in a clear way, without editing or tainting the message. As a “conscious” channel, this is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.

Do Contact Me if you have an interest in learning more about channeling and would like to learn about my methods, including how to use a pendulum and crystals.

Divination and Intuitive Readings

As guided by Spirit, divination with crystals and a variety of decks is available.