Merlin: Chaos or Cosmos?

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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There is Order in Chaos. To think otherwise is to believe in the downward spiral of all souls in the Universe. Out of the darkness, from the void of form and from behind the veil of No-Time, there is an outcome and an answer to your dilemmas. Your world and expanding process of evolution lies in your own hands. Yes! Amazing as that may sound to your ears, you too can find that your Inner Magician awaits your instructions.

Whatever lies in your heart seeks an outward expression. It is your Truth that you will walk out in your dreams and in your life. As surely as the planets circumscribe the central star of your solar system, your world is an expression of all that you and humanity have espoused up till this point. To change your world for the Highest Good of All requires that you change your mind, thoughts and action with Love. You can restore Joy, Peace and Harmony with the Intention of your heart, the motivation of your soul and the mass of human consensus.

Order lies in the space between the spaces just as an oak tree lies within its seed. Plant and nurture your intentions and watch them sprout. They will take shape with Time, Purpose and Love. The re-balancing of your world lies within you. Do not doubt your ability to call it forth. We, the Ascended Masters, watch and wait and are ready to assist your leap to become the Magicians and Order-Restorers you have always been. What may seem like a juggling act, is quite simply a clear and straightforward choice to be and embody all that lies within your heart. Allow your creations to fall into place with Divine timing, without force. The order of things works like that. Trust it.

Master of Earth Magic,

November, 2018.