Endings and Beginnings and the Inevitability of the Cycles of Time (Christmas 2020)

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Happy Holidays to You!

As we now enter the Christmas Holiday and New Year season, we bear witness to the beginning of the period of Light heralded by the Winter Solstice on December 21st. It is, of course, no accident that we are weathering so much around the world as the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is passing once more through our gamut of experience and perception after a lapse of some 800 years. How is contraction and expansion possible at the same time and what does it mean? Saturnian structure, testing, confines and organization are happening to enable the change, growth and expansion effects of Jupiter to occur. These are necessary for the evolution and ascension of our world.

Perhaps it feels as if a great force has overtaken you, perhaps loved ones have gone and you don’t know what lies ahead. Step by step we are each being shown the way to usher in and master our own individual situations and move towards our future growth. It sounds straightforward, yet such expansion requires a loosening of grip on things that have supported us in the past and that no longer serve. In their place we are starting to build new structures that will carry us forward and build a new foundation, a 5th dimensional consciousness of Universal and Unconditional Love on and for the planet. Releasing control, letting go of certain realities and even relationships will take you to your next level. It may be challenging, stressful and even physically painful during such periods of transition, but we are assured that these times of change and transformation come and go to bring about our necessary evolution. We must trust that things are happening for a reason, a right reason, and that the Light is right and good. The great conjunction now is a case in point. We must learn to keep moving forward and not to resist the changes required of us.

There is an overarching requirement of us, as many lightworkers are aware, beyond our personal situations. Despite individual preferences and thinking, we needs must participate for the collective good. To my mind, “We Consciousness”, that embraces love and respect for others, says, for example, that we wear a mask for health protection, not just for ourselves but for others during this worldwide pandemic. It is not so long ago, some 700 years, when the Black Death or Bubonic Plague swept around the world killing between 75-200 million people. With our modern-day development of science and communication, we can avoid such worldwide catastrophic results when we act responsibly. We have knowledge now. Whatever we may be experiencing, these are times of endings and beginnings, times of great change. Perhaps this era is the great shake-up that we thought would begin happening December 21, 2012. Whatever our individual experience, we must give thanks that we are not living at such a time of the Bubonic Plague in the past. And we are blessed to now have the holiday period to rest, commune with loved ones and gather our strength for the days ahead. This is within the Divine Plan too.

I wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday. If Merlin and I can help you shift in any way, please reach out to me.

Love and Blessings to You,
Merry Christmas,
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka