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Cinnabar (or Cinnabarite) is a fiery- or brick-red crystal that is quite rare. Mined predominantly because of its content of mercury within the red portions, it is available as a powerful adjunct for your Ascension toolkit. It is a stone that can help you move adroitly past your limitations and unconscious thinking. It is a great stone of manifestation and a small piece can activate your powers of insight in this regard.

If held in the hand, it is necessary to wash afterwards because of its toxic content. Cinnabar, therefore, should not be ingested or made into an elixir. Yet the Chinese have carved it into jewelry and ornaments for centuries. Extraordinarily, despite its toxicity, Cinnabar has been found to be very helpful for those suffering from viruses and other bacteria.

Cinnabar is also quite potent in assisting our psychic ability. Its name is derived from Ancient Greek and is a stone connected to Hermes (or Thoth). Do not underestimate the powerful messages of transformation and inner magic that a small piece of Cinnabar can provide you.

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