Coming Back to Earth

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Your lives may have been turned topsy-turvy but this is all part of the process of realignment.  It is as if you have been turned upside down and all the contents of your pockets have tumbled onto the floor. Centered once more, you can look at what has fallen at your feet, and pick and choose what you will keep and what you will discard.  That is the gift of the shaking that has been taking place.

Complacency will prevent you from having a closer look at  what has driften out of your purview.  Now you’re on target, reassessing what is necessary and ready for the period of work ahead.  Yes, there is a fresh wind giving you a renewed momentum to forge ahead in the fulfillment of your work, projects and desires.

Never before has the wind been so at your back and there is no way back against this current of energy.  It is blowing you in the right direction and without any provocation on your part.  The New Camelot is being unfurled, rebirthed through you.  It is time to play your part with verve.  Flow with your intuition and give free rein to all your creativity; let go of fears and self-doubt.  Sweep out that detrimental detritus with gusto, clearing the sediment that may have settled at the bottom of your emotional furnace.

I AM ready to assist you on all matters.  Your journey is truly beginning now.  You have been prepared, cared for, guided and above all LOVED, SO LOVED.  Be that love now, for yourself and for others.  You are radiant, brilliant stars of light, wayshowers for humanity.   

In Oneness with You
Master Merlin