Coming Forward as Your Divine Self

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

Dear Beloveds,

This is a special time for Alchemy of the Soul and an unprecedented opportunity for growth. You have no doubt been experiencing the awareness that nothing remains the same. In fact, the old shoe is so old, it can no longer exist in your sphere of influence. Your trust and faith and love of yourself is making you strong and confident as you step ever more fully into your Divinity and Self Mastery.

Many have discovered that their dreams are much closer than they realized and that their fears have dissipated. Now is the time to follow the leanings of your heart, for this is the reason you have incarnated, to play your part in the Ascension of your planet and indeed for yourself. Mysteries are being unveiled at a rapid pace to assist knowledge and understanding, but it is in the Flames of your heart that your decisions will be made. Whatever you may choose to do, or not do, that is your free will. Rest assured, however, that the alignment of your mind and heart, infused with the Light of the heavenly realms, will bring you to a new place from which you can re-launch yourself.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, including myself, is hard at work to ensure the Divine Plan of the Creator, and the entire Heavenly Company is assisting the acceleration of your crystalline being and the Ascension of Mother Earth. All that you have worked towards and prepared inwardly for will be put to good use in the times ahead. Trust in your inner guidance now, without hesitation, so that you may radiate your Light to assist others to awaken.

The unification of mankind is spreading like wildfire; there is no separation between yourselves or with us. We see your beautiful hearts and admire your fortitude. The New Camelot, or The New Golden Age, is approaching faster than you might imagine. Let the winds of good fortune blow you to your next destination. Be encouraged to own your uniqueness and share it with the world, for the world awaits your Divine presence. It is a victorious new day for the Collective Christ Consciousness of humanity and for you.

Your humble servant,
Master Merlin

September, 2015.