Coming Full Circle …

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At certain times in my own spiritual journey, I have experienced what can only be called periods of chaos.  These are the times when an outcome or direction is unknown, and when any attempt to steer or to protest is futile.  This is the point of no return when the only choice is to let go and let God. As Derek O’Neill says, “turn up for your lives”. In other words, you are going to have to weather whatever is bound your way to become your experience, whether you like it or not.  Whatever you are facing, it is yours, hook, line and sinker. If you adjust your attitude quickly and go with the flow, sailing will be easier, perhaps more efficacious, even if through the eye of the storm.  What lies on the other side often holds wonderful surprises.

These periods of chaos may require that you “unlearn” or re-learn something, or that you develop a new appreciation for something that you may have taken for granted. When circumstances turn you around 360⁰ to observe from another viewpoint, your circle of energies begins to encompass another level and you begin to spiral off and away from the old energy that encircles you and needs to be transformed.  To fight against your new circumstances will have you treading water or walking in circles.  One thing is for sure, you may not know the reason or the benefit, but there is always method in this seeming madness.  Trust that the journey is for a higher purpose beyond your present ken and is part of the Divine Plan for your life.

Metaphorically speaking, you are an infinite circle that is learning to encompass more – more wisdom, more love, more light – so that you can expand to a closer proximity and vibration of your Higher Self in other dimensions.  The Ancient Egyptians understood the meaning of the infinite circle represented by the goddess and Ra, the sun god, and the finite straight line of the pyramid, pointing to eternity.  The Egyptians showed us the conundrum of the “squaring of the circle” in which the energy of a straight line and a curved line is, contrary to appearances, not equal.  As humans, we walk both straight and curved lines on Earth and in Spirit respectively; this may be interpreted as placing us between heaven and earth as conduits of energy. The important thing is to keep moving.

The strongest symbol of geometry known to us, the triangle, or manifestation of the triune presence of the Divine, is represented by the number three.  Infinite Spirit, rules over all matter, matter being represented by the number four, thus giving us 3 over 4. In classical architecture we may see a triangle resting on four pillars creating a tetrastyle portico such as may be seen in many ancient temples such as the Temple of Portunus in Rome. This sacred awareness all too often escapes our attention today when we become engulfed in our earthly circumstances and instead of looking up, we forget this spiritual tool. In other words, when you understand that Spirit rules over matter, whatever has become your earthly matter of concern has already been set in motion in Spirit. Your job now is to see it through the sphere of your influence and then let it go – or you will be walking in circles!

Sometimes we need a little help, perhaps a jolt to help us shift out of a repetitive cycle, to help us deal with the cards laid out before us. To instigate your own faith or hope in your positive outcome, the following affirmation may be of assistance, repeated at least three times when needed:

“I AM One with the Divine Plan”.

Similarly, to generate trust and know that all is in alignment, give thanks for the opportunity that has come your way .  Thus I offer:

“I thank you Mother Father God that all is in Divine Right Order.”

Therefore, with acceptance, faith and trust, we can know that there will be order emerging from our period of chaos, just as a star is formed out of the elements of the universe; the principle is the same. It is a process that will move you out of your conundrum.