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Compassion is a most essential attribute necessary for our collective transition into the new paradigm. Compassion is ever more necessary for the evolution of humanity and is, therefore, a quality that we need to cultivate within our being. One dictionary’s definition of compassion is “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”; another: “to be sympathetic because of unusual or distressing circumstances”; and, in Latin: “com” + “pati” meaning “to bear or suffer” with someone.

The outcry for compassion is all around us and affects us beyond national borders, creed or religion. To be compassionate towards your fellow man and all life forms is not something that we can afford to put off to another day. Global crises of massive proportion are begging our attention. As lightworkers and healing facilitators, never before has it been so important for us to hold and send love to those who are suffering, as well as to take action to the best of our ability. We can begin on an individual level as we work with those individuals who come to us seeking help for their situations.

In light of my own recent experiences, I feel it is important to share and state here the difference between sympathy and empathy.  From one’s heart one can understand and perceive another’s plight or difficult; this is sympathy. During this time of upheaval and transition, when so many are feeling the effects of the energetic changes, we are being given opportunities to “walk our talk” and lend a sympathetic ear. To take action and operate from a place of compassion of the heart means without judgment from the mind so that we can truly be of service. If in our desire to assist others, we find ourselves becoming overburdened by unwanted energies, we may have been empathizing energetically rather than sympathizing. If this is the case, negative energies are persisting in our auras and chakras. The clearer our energies are, the more effective we can become as conduits for the Divine.

The challenge, therefore, is not to take on an individual’s energies of distress, i.e. their feelings, thoughts or experiences, through empathy. To be empathic is really to allow the activation of one’s own “pain body” by another’s energies.  The end result of empathic experiences is to feel quite exhausted, even devasted by others’ energies.  Therefore, as you work to clear your own energetic body, “hooks” will be removed so that empathic reactions will no longer stick to you and prevent your being able to assist that person in distress. With compassion, the barbs of suffering will not find place within your being.

At the time of writing, Blessed Mother Amma has just completed her annual visit to New York City. She is known as the “hugging saint” and she has whispered in the ear of millions. At the Devi Bhava ceremony for world peace, she spoke at length about love and compassion and she also addressed the suffering of the animals on the planet.  She made reference to the fact that many animals are leaving the planet because they are being driven to point of extinction due to decreasing habitat and food supplies and man’s compunction to kill them for food and profit.

Significantly, Mother Amma went on to draw attention to another imminent extinction: the extinction of “compassionate man”. If we persist in our selfish ways, a trail of destruction will affect us like the animals. Following Mother Amma’s life example, we must work to alleviate the suffering of the poor and downtrodden; compassion from a loving heart is the answer. I underscore here that learning to be compassionate and caring for our fellow man is fundamentally important for our species to survive. It is also important to recognize, however, that this is the time for the turnaround.  If we do not care for what we have, we may discover one day that it is gone.

Compassion is not something reserved for third world nations with poverty and disease, compassion is a necessary component in all our lives on a daily basis even here on our home shores, inour communities and our homes. We are blessed to know and have known so many eminent wayshowers who have given of themselves selflessly as “a body of service”.  For example, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, Sri Sthya Sai Baba to name but a few; they lived in the “eastern world” but their messages and life examples are universal.

Well known in the earthly and spiritual realms is Lady Kuan Shih Yin, whose name means “the one who regards, looks or hears the sounds of the world”. Revered as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, she was worshipped in China long before she became known as the Buddhist Madonna. Her role as a protectress, her healing power and her saving grace are her sacred calling as a bodhisattva, one who has forgone the bliss of nirvana to save the children of God. She works with the Flame of Mercy that enables the Christ to intercede for those who cannot bear the brunt of the Law. Mercy is the power of love that dissolves all fear, doubt, recalcitrance and rebellion.  We all need forgiveness to embrace the path to godliness; forgiveness releases karma.

Lady Kuan Shih Yin says:

“Compassion lives in the heart but seeks its outward expression through your thoughts and actions. Opportunities are close at hand in your daily walk to help those who suffer pain and distress – which may or may not be of their own making. Untold millions of children are suffering. A simple act of kindness can reap miracles.  Allow the love in your hearts and your many gifts and talents to be employed in service to humanity.”