Crown of Thorns or Crown of Life? Ascend to Christ Consciousness in Form. The Planet needs YOU!

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Garden of Gethsemane by British artist James Clark (1858-1943).

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing well and maintaining a positive outlook in these times of challenge. We all have our crosses to bear; each one of them representing something for us to overcome and thereby to learn, to evolve and master ourselves. As the Great Master, Jesus the Christ, taught us by example, we too as light-workers are being asked to be way-showers, to walk our talk and to be of service to humanity and the planet. In our computerized, material world, it is so easy to forget from whence our blessings come. We may think we are in charge of our destiny, but as I have personally discovered, one’s life can change on a dime and take unforeseeable turns according to the Divine Plan. To be open, flexible, willing to change and to obey one’s spiritual directives is no mean feat. As Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, facing certain death, he knew there was an extraordinary, overarching purpose and destiny in the path he was traveling. We too have purpose and destiny, even if we are not certain of the outcome. This is where Trust and Faith step in. In these times, we can know individually for ourselves that everything is happening for a reason and for our highest good. We are always being called to step up and participate as we are led.

We have a choice: wear a Crown of Thorns or a Crown of Life. Allow me to explain. Religion is not the subject of this piece, yet individual faith is everything. There is no need for us to believe in the necessity of suffering. We can live and move according to the guidance of Spirit, to become the fullest Love-filled being we can be. Whatever lies before us will provide a way for us individually to become a Christed being, to hold and demonstrate the highest level of consciousness and vibration that we can. We have the premier example of Jesus. If we can but believe that the Love of God, Christ or whoever your “god” may be, is for us, what comes against us cannot prosper. Lessons abound for us, with all manner of spiritual, emotional and physical trials to hone us, but the power of the Christ within, aligning us with the Christ consciousness of the Universe is always at hand within in the still, small voice that awaits. As we raise our thoughts and our vibration we may ascend in consciousness and in physicality. A deep understanding of both a spiritual and scientific perspective of this process may be studied in J.J. Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch. So many masters have walked the Earth and given us teachings and works to show us that the source of living waters runs through us, around us and for us. There is no separation, only our thinking makes it so. Jesus came to give us Life and to have it more abundantly.

Are your thoughts ascending to higher consciousness or descending to be mired in negative thinking and stuck in obstacles, not seeing an exit strategy for yourself? Perhaps they are moving up and down the ladder of Ascension with regularity. War and strife continue on the planet, as they have for millennia. Sometimes we become so traumatized by the events in our lives that we lose sight of the Crown of Life and we do not employ our faith. Our nervous system and physical form may be negatively impacted, yet we have been given so many tools of healing and transformation. To not use them is to allow all manner of trauma and negativity to remain locked in our physical form. Whenever we experience something not to our liking, this is the time to take the higher path. We must declare ourselves the victors, the masters of all that comes before us. Rather than believe that our challenges our insurmountable, it behooves us to have Faith and Trust that the powers greater than ourselves will guide us to an end result that is beneficial not only for ourselves but vibrationally for all. It is a process we have come to learn on Earth. As Merlin so frequently says, “Keep coming forward”. This does not mean that we do not pause to review and learn from our experiences, but rather to take the optimistic view that the glass is half full and not to believe in death and destruction.

We are establishing the New Golden Age of Light, The New Camelot on Earth. We are intrinsically a reflection of what is beyond and above us in the heavens. What happens here through the Laws of the Universe, happens elsewhere, everywhere. Through the use and development of the telescope, we have discovered that the Universe is constantly expanding. We cannot think small and remain static. We must believe in our own growth and expansion. Adversity is a great teacher in the school of hard knocks here on Earth. It gives us the impetus to raise our heads and march on to a beneficial outcome. Christ Consciousness is our birthright. We must continue to reach for the highest and best principles for all, whether or not it may cost us a painful experience. Our assignments are bound in our gifts and talents. They tell us what to do and where to go. If we would aspire to be “All for One and One for All”, whatever we accomplish for ourselves, we accomplish for others and thus expand the influence of the human experience for the planet. We need not sit and be despairing about our situations, but rather rise up and claim our Crown of Life, our right to Ascension, Love, Peace, Truth and Harmony and All That is Good. You are the One you have been waiting for. Do not delay. As Jesus commanded, “pick up your bed and walk”. A Crown of Thorns may be pricking your thoughts and belief system to embrace the path that he walked and showed us over 2,000 years ago. Today, Universal Christ Consciousness leads the way for us to wear the Crown of Life given us by Spirit and is present within you. We have been given so much and yet we may question from where our blessings flow. As the praises go up, the blessings flow down and we may ascend rung by rung with intention, purpose, a thankful heart and service to the One.

Love and Blessings to You,
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka