Crystal Agates for Self Love and Inner Stability

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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Plentiful, inexpensive and with a myriad colors and markings to choose from, Agates are friendly, grounding stones. Naturally they offer such a broad range of choice, it is unnecessary to dye them. Usually tumbled and sized to fit effortlessly in the palm of your hand, they are an easy adjunct to your daily routine, whether sitting by the computer, in meditation, as a talisman or as an item of jewelry. Their smoothness and harmonious energy makes them an easy “go-to” for all types of occasions. Dependent largely upon their color combinations, Agates can be selected for every chakra.

I have always been particularly drawn to the orange-hued Agates (Carnelians) for their energy-enhancement. In order to boost your energy reserves, your creativity and even your courage, this may be the stone to reach for to get you through challenging times. The darker browns, grays and black agates are great for grounding, protection and tolerance. The lighter hues may be used for the higher chakras as you are guided.

Above all, there is a stabilizing factor inherent in Agates. They usher in a sense of stillness and inner trust so that a greater ability to love oneself, connect to one’s higher self and the planet is achieved. As above, so is found below in the Agates.

August, 2017.