Available to those who complete The Magic of Crystals!
or who have comparable proficiency

If you are ready to take the next step with your knowledge of Crystals and Gemstones and become a Crystal Healer, then this Workshop will give you the opportunity to make that transition. If you have completed my Magic of Crystals! Playshop Intensive or have other similar proficiency, you are invited to attend this workshop in which I synthesize all my healing and metaphysical techniques to teach you a comprehensive method of Crystal Therapy Layouts and applications. You will learn my “tried and true” methods for the entire process, from preparation of self and sacred space, how to work with the Client, to the laying on of the stones, working with your Higher Guidance, and much more.

In this workshop you will watch, learn to give, and receive at least one Crystal Layout. You will leave this workshop with certain fundamental knowledge that you can apply to your healing work whatever healing modality you choose. This workshop incorporates a “soup-to-nuts” intensive teaching of how to be a Healer with Crystals.

Included are:

  • An in-depth teaching on preparation for a Crystal Healing Session
  • Healing Ethics
  • A full description of the Chakra System
  • Application of the Crystals and Gemstones in layouts
  • Choices of Crystals and Gemstones
  • Cleansing and clearing of the Client’s energetic system
  • Connecting to your Higher Guidance